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Carolyn Stroebe Licensed Psychologist PSY11564

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I have come to see myself as a 'Renaissance Psychologist,' yet in the making, a Jacqueline of many trades, master of some, and, when appropriate, a referrer to resources and expert-others. With training as a scientist and a clinician in my beloved psychology, I bring skills and knowledge from far corners of the field hoping to help.
Over the years, given the wisdom of my elders and blessed with life's experiences, I have assembled a psychological toolbox. It contains, among other things,
ideas from diverse schools of thought and different ways of perceiving
healthy skepticism, and self-criticism and the intent to maintain rigorous standards (yet)
an open mind, an open heart, a creative spirit
These tools are not used to fix others; rather they let me work to the best of my ability, to help custom design new tools for each individual. That is, my ultimate goal is to help each individual, couple or family best help themselves.
I have been honored to work with a great variety of people: of different age groups, ethnic backgrounds/races, physical abilities, social class backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities. What I know from this work is the importance of culture as well as individuality, and knowing how much one doesn't (and cannot) know. I believe it's important to recognize
what we all share as humans
how we are similar to some and different from others
how we differ from all others and are uniquely indivi

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Offices in Berkeley and Walnut Creek California

Attn: Carolyn Stroebe

ph: (510) 843-9207

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