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Coast Therapy Services-Denise Ross, MA, MFT- Psychotherapy & Relationship Counseling in Carlsbad

Coast Therapy Services-Denise Ross, MA, MFT- Psychotherapy & Relationship Counseling in Carlsbad

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When you feel like "Enough is enough!" and "Something has to change!" Counseling can help.

Seeking a little short-term help is a step in the right direction on the road to FEELING BETTER.

If you’re stressed, depressed and frustrated about your life (or relationship), talking to Denise will:

• relieve the unwanted feelings;
• help you implement changes for the better;
• teach you tools to move in a new direction, emotionally and realistically.

Couples who are struggling with feeling angry, disconnected and out of sync with each other will learn to communicate again. Even if you come alone, you will learn coping skills, and the relationship will change. It only takes one person to take the first step towards happiness again.

Here's what one man has to say about his counseling experience:

“When we first went to see Denise, my wife and I were having an incredibly difficult time. We'd been together for almost 10 years, but a lot of those years had been challenging. All of our fighting was beginning to drown out the tenderness and passion that is the glue of any good marriage. Denise gave us a neutral place where we could air our differences in a non-confrontational manner. It really helped to have a third-party that could help steer us away from a destructive manner of communication and coach us on being constructive in our dialogue. It’s brought our marriage back from the brink and put joy back in our lives. Thanks Denise!”

Denise provides counseling for individuals, couples and families. She specializes in issues including depression, stress, marital dissatisfaction, work stress, motivation, anxiety, relationship issues, abandonment, abuse, communication problems and grief.

If don't like the way something looks: Look at it differently. Or do something different! Counseling sessions will help.

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Carlsbad California 92009

Attn: Denise Ross, MA, MFT

ph: 760-942-3426

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