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Cynthia A Henrie, MFT, BCETS - Psychotherapist, Trauma Specialist, Feminist Therapist


Daisy Switzer, PhD, Forensic Psychologist

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Forensic psychology; insanity defense, trial competency, general psychological evaluations, social security evaluation (flat fee) and parental competency, parole suitability, and sex offender evaluations. Fantastic references. CV is on line under 'Daisy K Switzer PhD'. License PSY 20339 with special board certification pending 2010.

Keywords: sacramento forensic psychologists, forensic psychology, psychotherapy, psychotherapists, mental health counselors.
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PO Box 1534
Grass Valley California 95945

Attn: Daisy Switzer, PhD, Forensic Psychologist

ph: 530-210-6441
fax: 530-272-8913

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 California - All Areas

 California - All Areas/Psychologists

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/San Francisco area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Sacramento area

 CA - San Francisco Area

 CA - Fresno area

 CA - Sacramento area

 CA - San Francisco Area/Psychotherapy

 CA - San Francisco Area/Psychologists

 CA - Sacramento area/Psychotherapy

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 CA - Sacramento area/Psychologists

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/San Jose area

 CA - Fresno area/Psychologists

 CA - Fresno area/Forensic Psychologists

 CA - Sacramento area/Forensic Psychologists

 CA - San Francisco Area/Forensic Psychologists

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 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Colusa County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Del Norte County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/El Dorado County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Fresno area

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Glenn County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Grass Valley area

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Lassen County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Humboldt County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Marin County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Mendocino County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Modoc County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Napa County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Nevada County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Placer County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Roseville area

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Plumas County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Sacramento area

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/San Francisco area

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/San Jose area

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Shasta County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Siskiyou County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Sierra County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Solano County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Sonoma County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Sutter County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Tehama County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Yolo County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Yuba County

 California - All Areas/Forensic Psychologists/Yuba City area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Butte County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Citrus Heights area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Colusa County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Del Norte County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/El Dorado County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Fresno area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Glenn County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Grass Valley area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Lassen County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Humboldt County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Marin County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Mendocino County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Modoc County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Napa County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Nevada County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Placer County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Roseville area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Plumas County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Shasta County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Siskiyou County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Sierra County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Solano County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Sonoma County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Sutter County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Tehama County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Yolo County

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Yuba City area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Yuba County

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