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Cynthia A Henrie, MFT, BCETS - Psychotherapist, Trauma Specialist, Feminist Therapist


Dr. Sara Denman

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I provide compassionate therapy for change, transitioning clients from merely surviving to thriving by helping them identify and remove obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential. As a licensed Psychologist I work with clients who have a variety of issues which include but are not limited to; sexual identity, life changes, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, parenting challenges, body image issues, eating issues, sexual abuse, substance abuse, self-esteem challenges, intimacy difficulties, social anxiety, and trauma. I provide a compassionate and supportive environment to explore personal issues. I work with clients' strengths to address, confront, and finally overcome challenges. Every effort is made to exceed client's expectations for quality of care. Each client is unique and special and it is an honor to watch a person reach their goals.

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145 E Prospect Ave, Suite 218
Danville California 94526

Attn: Sara Denman, Psy.D.

ph: (925) 648-4941

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 California - All Areas/Psychotherapy

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 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Walnut Creek area

 California - All Areas/Psychotherapy/Walnut Creek area

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 California - All Areas/Psychotherapy/Danville area

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 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Danville area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Alamo area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/San Ramon area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Pleasonton area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Lafayette area

 California - All Areas/Psychologists/Dublin area

 California - All Areas/Psychotherapy/Alamo area

 California - All Areas/Psychotherapy/San Ramon area

 California - All Areas/Psychotherapy/Pleasonton area

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 California - All Areas/Psychotherapy/Dublin area

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