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Law Offices of Karin E. Baker

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Law firm providing full service legal services. A primary focus of the practice is estate planning, particularly for the GLBT community. In addition to the law firm's website, maintain a blog at www.gayestateplan.com

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2900 Bristol Street, Suite J-109
Costa Mesa California 92626

Attn: Karin E. Baker, Attorney

ph: 877-525-2914

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 California - All Areas

 California - All Areas/Legal Services

 California - All Areas/Attorneys

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Fullerton area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Anaheim area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Garden Grove area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Orange area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Cypress area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Cerritos area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Fullerton area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Anaheim area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Garden Grove area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Orange area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Cypress area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Cerritos area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Los Angeles area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Los Angeles area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/San Diego area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/San Diego area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Los Angeles area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/San Diego area

 CA - Los Angeles area

 CA - San Diego area

 CA - San Diego area/Estate Planning

 CA - Los Angeles area/Attorneys

 CA - Los Angeles area/Legal Services

 CA - San Diego area/Attorneys

 CA - San Diego area/Legal Services

 CA - Los Angeles area/Estate Planning

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Costa Mesa area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/El Toro area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Fountain Valley area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Huntington Beach area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Irvine area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Laguna Beach area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Long Beach area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Mission Viejo area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Newport Beach area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Santa Ana area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Seal Beach area

 California - All Areas/Attorneys/Tustin area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Anaheim area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Cerritos area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Costa Mesa area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Cypress area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/El Toro area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Fountain Valley area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Fullerton area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Garden Grove area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Huntington Beach area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Irvine area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Laguna Beach area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Long Beach area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Mission Viejo area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Newport Beach area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Orange area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Santa Ana area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Seal Beach area

 California - All Areas/Estate Planning/Tustin area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Costa Mesa area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/El Toro area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Fountain Valley area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Huntington Beach area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Irvine area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Laguna Beach area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Long Beach area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Mission Viejo area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Newport Beach area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Santa Ana area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Seal Beach area

 California - All Areas/Legal Services/Tustin area

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