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PRIDE Insurance Center Inc.

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One stop shop for Health, Life, Home, Auto & Commercial Insurances!
Since the U.S. is the most litigious country in the world and California is the state with the most lawsuits, environmental acts and legislation, carrying proper coverage for a right price is our specialty and it's due to your business.
Heath insurance in California is becoming more costly and expensive every year. To keep up with those obstacles, insurance companies offer plans with more complications to cut the corners. Deductibles, Out of Pockets and Co pays are the tools to make the insured (you) more liable and responsible in this industry. Knowledgeable insurance agents can clarify these terms and overcome their strategies by choosing the right product for your needs.
Our Home insurance has the broadest coverage offered in California and Nevada along with reasonable prices and incredible customer service whenever you need us. We offer Mortgage Protection plans, Flood, Earthquake and Hazard Insurance on Single Homes, Condominiums, Renters, Duplex and Fourplex, even apartment buildings.
Competitive rates and ultimate coverage from brand name companies. Our Agency System offers Auto and Motorcycle Insurance. Request quotes, updates or even file claims online or by phone. We explain in detail what the numbers and coverage mean in your policy and provide helpful explanations to your concerns.

Keywords: health insurance agents, life insurance agencies, home insurance agency, auto insurance brokers, commercial insurance brokerages, dental insurance companies, business insurance company.
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1300 White Oaks Rd., Ste #204
Campbell California 95008

Attn: Salar Baktash

ph: 877-851-7867
fax: 888-414-8280

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 California - All Areas


 California - All Areas/Health Insurance

 California - All Areas/Insurance

 Nevada/Health Insurance


 California - All Areas/Insurance/ Statewide

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/ Statewide

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/ Statewide

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/ Statewide

 California - All Areas/Insurance/San Francisco area

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/San Francisco area

 CA - San Francisco Area

 CA - San Francisco Area/Insurance

 CA - San Francisco Area/Life Insurance

 CA - San Francisco Area/Health Insurance

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance

 CA - San Francisco Area/Auto Insurance

 CA - San Francisco Area/Dental Insurance

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/Campbell area

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/San Jose area

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/Santa Clara area

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/Los Gatos area

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/Saratoga area

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/Sunnyvale area

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/San Francisco area

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/Fremont area

 California - All Areas/Auto Insurance/Hayward area

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/ Statewide

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/Campbell area

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/San Jose area

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/Santa Clara area

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/Los Gatos area

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/Saratoga area

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/Sunnyvale area

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/San Francisco area

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/Fremont area

 California - All Areas/Dental Insurance/Hayward area

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/Campbell area

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/San Jose area

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/Santa Clara area

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/Los Gatos area

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/Saratoga area

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/Sunnyvale area

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/San Francisco area

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/Fremont area

 California - All Areas/Health Insurance/Hayward area

 California - All Areas/Insurance/Campbell area

 California - All Areas/Insurance/San Jose area

 California - All Areas/Insurance/Santa Clara area

 California - All Areas/Insurance/Los Gatos area

 California - All Areas/Insurance/Saratoga area

 California - All Areas/Insurance/Sunnyvale area

 California - All Areas/Insurance/Fremont area

 California - All Areas/Insurance/Hayward area

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/Campbell area

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/San Jose area

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/Santa Clara area

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/Los Gatos area

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/Saratoga area

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/Sunnyvale area

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/Fremont area

 California - All Areas/Life Insurance/Hayward area

 Nevada/Auto Insurance

 Nevada/Auto Insurance/ Statewide

 Nevada/Auto Insurance/Las Vegas area

 Nevada/Auto Insurance/Henderson area

 Nevada/Dental Insurance

 Nevada/Dental Insurance/ Statewide

 Nevada/Dental Insurance/Las Vegas area

 Nevada/Dental Insurance/Henderson area

 Nevada/Health Insurance/ Statewide

 Nevada/Health Insurance/Las Vegas area

 Nevada/Health Insurance/Henderson area

 Nevada/Insurance/ Statewide

 Nevada/Insurance/Las Vegas area

 Nevada/Insurance/Henderson area

 Nevada/Life Insurance

 Nevada/Life Insurance/ Statewide

 Nevada/Life Insurance/Las Vegas area

 Nevada/Life Insurance/Henderson area

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