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Neighborhood Counseling Center


Psychological Counseling and Illumination

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Jungian-oriented Depth Psychotherapy
I practice depth psychotherapy by personalizing the care to meet your specific needs, respectfully meeting you where you are. I compassionately and non-judgementally focus on the conscious and unconscious aspects of the issue at hand. I only address the past if it presents in the present and is a contributing factor. I help you to understand the underlying core psychological dynamics involved in your process. I support you in identifying any blind spots, unconscious splits, emotions, pain or conflicts, and I support you in integrating these deeper aspects of your psyche. I also support you in honoring, accepting, appropriately expressing, understanding and assimilating your emotional, mental, intuitive, body, interpersonal, and transpersonal levels of experience. I educate you on how the deeper psyche works and teach you new skills and tools to transform old outworn habits and patterns into self empowering healthier ways to relate to yourself, others, and life's problems. This therapy inevitably leads to greater satisfaction, growth, increased energy and freedom, fulfillment, meaning, health, harmony, wholeness, transformation, new areas of interest, and the out growing of your difficulties. I work very hard and efficiently with you and depending on the magnitude of the problem(s) you present with, your own motivation and willingness to do the work, the investment of your time could range from 3 or more months. I do recommend that you tape our sessions so that later during the week you can review the session again and gain even further and deeper insights, and or reconnect with hard to hold insights. I have a very strong spiritual attitude and I consider my work as a psychotherapist a sacred honor and a priviledge. I am open to all forms of worship. I like to utilize your dreams, fantasies, and images as a deep and major source of guidance and insight.

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2180 Garnet Ave, Suite 1-I
Pacific Beach California 92109

Attn: Pannell Carr, M.D., M.A.

ph: (858) 245-1448

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