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Rancho Cicada Retreat

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Rancho Cicada Retreat _______________________________________ Rancho Cicada is a relaxing, nature-oriented resort in Amador County, California. _______________________________________ We are located on 44 acres along the Cosumnes River, 50 miles east of Sacramento in the historic Gold Country of California, and nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills. We are bordered by Federal lands and Nature Conservancy properties. ________________________________________ Keywords: accommodations, lodging, vacation rentals, cabin rentals, rental cabins, resorts, retreats, weddings, commitment ceremonies, wedding venues, commitment ceremony venues, wedding locations, commitment ceremony locations, wedding spaces, commitment ceremony spaces.
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10001 Bell Rd.
Plymouth California 95669


ph: 209-245-4841 or 877-553-9481
fax: 209-245-3357

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