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Cynthia A Henrie, MFT, BCETS - Psychotherapist, Trauma Specialist, Feminist Therapist


Saturn Cafe Inc.

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Since 1979 the Saturn Café has established itself as an icon in Vegetarian dining. Our menu combines traditional American Diner fare with modern, even space-aged, concepts. Our legendary status is the result of a clear and unwavering dedication to three main values:
1) Progressive business practices.
2) Offering traditional American comfort food with high quality, vegetarian and healthy twists.
3) Providing a creative and energy packed atmosphere that reflects a vibrant and diverse community.

We consistently meet our core values through our equally strong commitments to fair labor practices, sustainable and organic agriculture, and supporting local and independent businesses. For example: our french fries are cooked in trans-fat free oil, which is later recycled to fuel bio-diesel cars. The Space Cowboy Burger, with bacon, onion rings and BBQ sauce, contains no meat and can be served with an organic salad at no extra cost. Our milkshakes are made from superior quality ice cream that is delivered twice weekly from McConnell's family creamery in Santa Barbara.

When you step into the Saturn, you know you have arrived on another planet: where the foods of childhood fantasies are somehow not only more delicious than you ever remembered but are also healthier for your body, as well as the planet, than you ever thought possible; where dressing up in costume can happen on any night of the year; where customers at the table next to you are just as likely to burst into song as the staff, and where magic, it seems, might just lie behind every sparkly pink booth.

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145 Laurel St
Santa Cruz California 95060


ph: (831) 429-8505

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