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Randy Carrin, Psy.D.

Randy Carrin, Psy.D.

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I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist who received a Doctoral degree in 1990 from Antioch University. Throughout my thirty year professional career as an organizational consultant, psychotherapist and Psychologist, I have held various clinical and consultant positions in the United States, Sweden, and South America. For the past seventeen years, I have been practicing in Waterbury, CT. I specialize in a cognitive-behavioral approach to successfully treat a multitude of psychological problems. Among these are anxiety and stress- related disorders, depressive and bi-polar disorders, post-traumatic stress, victimization of abuse, dissociative disorders, relationship difficulties, alternative lifestyle difficulties, sexual dysfunction, and personality disorders. I am able to treat adults as well as couples. My psychotherapeutic treatments are tailored to the particular needs of the patients who are referred to me, and to specific therapeutic aims.

Clients often ask me what 'type' of psychotherapy I practice. The answer to that question is complicated, and is perhaps best answered by 'it depends'. My own belief is that different types of problems benefit the most from different types of therapy, and that a therapist who offered the same treatment for every problem would be doing his clients a disservice. With some clients I am apt to use a more 'behavioral' or 'cognitive' focus with an emphasis on problem-solving, adaptive coping, and altering maladaptive thought and behavioral patterns. With other clients I may focus more on increasing self-awareness and the degree to which they can be in touch with their emotions. With yet another type of client it may be more important to focus on past trauma in order to facilitate recovery. I will be happy to discuss the method I am using with you at any time, and explain how I selected it, and the pros and cons of that approach as opposed to other approaches. If you have any beliefs about the way therapy ought to proceed with you, I would be happy to listen to them and take them into consideration. Whatever methods I may use, I always view psychotherapy as a dialogue in which the therapist and the client discuss the client's deepest and most important concerns in an open and authentic manner. Every client is an individual, and every problem is unique, so that it is impossible to specify in advance how many sessions will be needed to resolve a problem. You should be aware, however, that most problems need more than 'a couple of visits' to resolve. (If your problems were that easy to fix, you would probably not be coming to a psychologist's office in the first place). While many problems can respond to just several weeks or months treatment, there are other complicated or recalcitrant problems that can take several years to resolve. There are also chronic conditions that may require lengthy follow-up. Please feel free to talk with me about my expectations for the length of your treatment.

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60 Westwood Avenue
Waterbury Connecticut 06708

Attn: Randy Carrin, Psy.D.

ph: 203-757-8766

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