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Leaders in Psychological and Evaluation Services
A Licensed BCBSM OPC.

Professional Psychotherapy for
Adults, Children, Adolescents, Couples & Families

A Therapeutic Approach Utilizing a best practice approach, clinic staff members work to reduce or eliminate distressful and debilitating symptoms and to improve social, educational and/or occupational role functioning of clients served.

A Full Service Psychological Clinic
Following are some of the areas of concern we offer treatment for, as well as, other services in which we specialize:
. Psychological Testing
. ADHD Evaluations
. Bariatric Surgery Evaluations
. Mental Health Disability Determinations
. Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations
. Driver's License Reinstatement Evaluations
. Stress Management
. Relationship Difficulties
. Work Stress and Adjustment
. Family Conflict
. Depression
. Anxiety
. Phobias
. Addictions and Substance Abuse
. Premarital Counseling

We at Wentworth and Associates offer psychological and evaluation services dedicated to assisting individuals, couples and families lead happy, productive and emotionally healthy lives. Because confidentiality is so essential for psychotherapy to be effective, all clients can be assured that the privacy of clinical information is protected by both state and federal laws.
Over the past twenty years, we have developed our practice, utilizing a holistic and collaborative approach with clients, emphasizing, not only emotional health, but, also, integrating physical and spiritual aspects of living. People are basically good, working with the knowledge they currently possess, they are doing the best they can. Through therapy clients will gain additional critical knowledge of themselves. They can expect unconditional acceptance and respect, regardless of their background or current situation. They can, also, expect active and ongoing feedback as well as comprehensive treatment plans with specific goals and objectives.
Techniques employed by Wentworth & Associates include behavior modification, cognitive restructuring, communication training and hypnotherapy. Treatment plans and techniques are customized to meet individual needs. Our goal is to help clients achieve a positive view of themselves and their future, so that they can go forward and build the kind of life and relationships they have always wanted and deserve. Through therapy, clients can expect to meet their personal and professional goals in order to thrive and not simply survive.
"My associates and I are committed to working with our clients emphasizing emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Our hope is to help you experience unconditional acceptance within your current situation. We believe through therapy you can expect to meet your personal and professional goals."
- Dr. Lawrence T. Wentworth, PhD

Common Questions Presented by Clients:

What should I expect from the intake session?
During the initial session you will be asked a wide range of questions in
a non-judgmental fashion relating to your personal history of the presenting issue, as well as, other issues presented.

How do I choose a therapist who is right for me?
Find a therapist you feel comfortable with.
Our website has a listing of clinicians within our
Practice, as well as, their personal biography
and philosophy treatment.

What are your office hours?
The clinic is open seven days a week, from 7 AM to 9 PM

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11111 Hall Road, Suite 303
Utica Michigan 48317

Attn: Dr. Lawrence T.Wentworth

ph: 586-997-3153

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 Michigan/Counseling/Royal Oak area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Royal Oak area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Bloomfield Hills area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Royal Oak area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Utica area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Sterling Heights area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Rochester Hills area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Troy area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Pontiac area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Clinton area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Roseville area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Eastpointe area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Detroit area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Madison Heights area

 Michigan/Psychotherapy/Oak Park area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Utica area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Sterling Heights area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Rochester Hills area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Troy area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Pontiac area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Clinton area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Roseville area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Eastpointe area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Detroit area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Madison Heights area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Oak Park area

 Michigan/Psychologists/Bloomfield Township area

 Michigan/Counseling/Utica area

 Michigan/Counseling/Sterling Heights area

 Michigan/Counseling/Rochester Hills area

 Michigan/Counseling/Troy area

 Michigan/Counseling/Pontiac area

 Michigan/Counseling/Clinton area

 Michigan/Counseling/Roseville area

 Michigan/Counseling/Eastpointe area

 Michigan/Counseling/Detroit area

 Michigan/Counseling/Madison Heights area

 Michigan/Counseling/Oak Park area

 Michigan/Counseling/Bloomfield Township area

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